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county... 3 baltimore city... baltimore county... howard county... for &plinks to a complete list in your county.. go to our website .. fox baltimore dot com slash morning. 3 3 map 295belairmap 3 & still have more than a hundred phousand b-g-e customers waking upp ithout power this mo.'s a look at the latest numbers.accordinn to &pb-g-e's website... total... anne arundel county...baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll county... howard county... b-g-e's progress has been impressive by sheer numbers, but still too slow for anyone waiting in the dark. joel . smith is llve in glen burnie... to explain how far b-g-e is reachiig out for help, and when they're predicting power to be back for everyone. good morning joel d. ((ad lib)))utility crews have comeefrom as far away as florida... texas... and quebec, canada... to lend hand with all these lines. and aim to have everyone hooked p pgain by friday.why does it take so long... it's simppe... this s mannal labor, around potentiilly deadly power lines. lines. live powerrliies... wee ffund thhs llne on fire
avenue yesterday evening. he took off, leading police on a pursuit to the edge of baltimore city. sky team 11 followed the car onto i-95 and i-97, and then onto route 100. it crossed the center line and slammed into another car. the driver took off into the woods, but officers with the k-9 unit caught him in a vacant house. >> very scary, because i left work when i was supposed to come i could have been part of that accident. thank god i stated work a little late. >> watson not the owner of the vehicle and was in violation of april warrant. no one was injured during the chase. delegate pat mcdonough began working to defeat the dream act, a piece of legislation that would allow children of illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition as long as their parents pay maryland taxes. umbc president believes that it would benefit maryland, but mcdonough believes it would be a bad move. >> it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars in three or four years and we don't have that money. no. 2, they will displace the lives of young people by taking slots they don't deserve because they are he
closings to tell you bout this morning. some summer proorams in baltimore city.. baltimore ccunty... are canceled. to the link to the full list k - oo affected schools on our website foxbaltimore doo com slash anne arundel and howard county all summer programs are canceled. &p3 3 map bellirfibermap 3 the recovery continuess friday's massive storms still have mmre than a quarter of a million b-g-e customers without power.'s a look at the patest numbers.according to b-g-e's website... total... anne arundel county... 3 anne arunnel cuntt... baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll county... county... joel d. smith is streaming now in norrheast baltimore with the latest on the cleanup and how much longer so many will be in the dark and in the heat. good morning joee d. (ad lib) schools, businesses, traffic lights.... yyu name it, so many are still you name it,,so traffic lights.... businesses, schools, businesses, traffic lights.... you nameeitt so many are still feeling the results of those 3 nasty storms, and take the rest of the week to restore pow
were the two no votes. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a baltimore city firefighter is arrested during an fbi raid. 29 jamar simmons and 33-year-old frankling coit ran the operation inside a warehouse in west baltimore. simmons is a retired baltimore city -- excuse me, a baltimore city firefighter with 12 years on the force. they are both facing gun and prostitution charges. >>> the city police department is making head lines after baltimore's police union calls for an over hall of the department. it calls the crime management strategy out dated and it's proposing changes. it says it will boost officer moral and reduce crime. among the union proposals is a recommendation that more officers be directed onto patrol units which respond to 911 calls. the mayor says the suggestions will be reviewed. >>> a retired principal is found murdered in florida. two people are charged with his death. ron matsz is in the news room -- matz is in the news room with more. >> reporter: 76-year-old william norman was the first principal of chesapeake high school and spent three decades in the school system
of the hoose and cooling the end of the roland park parade, baltimore city firefighters pn five days.tte annual power meaning this year.special lisa ddvis: 1.29.43 "it's like camping in your own house. (laughter) i'm hoping it comes on soon."clive williims: 1.20.26 "not ideal, ut ttere &pyou go. there are a lot worst things in life." life."firefighters hut off pheevalves at 11:30.some people in tte roland park rea are being told it could be before thhir power willlbe pestored. b-g-e crews are continuing tt working overtime... to restore powerrto thoosands of customees. ccnter havv been workinn b-g-e cclled ii a eam of 38-. hundred people... including states.each are assigned to various sttrm roles.... many of them working 12 hours shifts. herees a look at the latestt power outage numbers at this hour:aacording to b-g-e'' city... bbltimore county... carroll county... howard coonty.... todaa marks the one year anniversary of the ddy casey anthony was acquitted in thh death of her daughter. daughter.aa to the charge f the jury find the defendant guiltylast
forthe race. the... mayor of baltimore... announces funding... "citi-watch"... program.... a... grant... from the abell foundation... will... help create .... database ... of... public and private... security cameras, .../ llowing... police... to quickly identify cameras ... close crime scenes...///.cctizens... and... business owners ... can... register... their... seeurity camera systems ... with... a... web application,.../// giving... police... access... when... there's trouble...// right... now,... the... citiwatch network ...includes ... 600-cameras ... city--wide. police... continue... investigating ... a... domestic shooting... in waldorf .../ that... left... one dead. dead.they... say... 33- year-old.... áshea proctorá... shot... his mother... and father... before... killing himself...//. police... were... called to the home... on... sea--grape court... around ... 5-am.... by... a woman ... who... saad her son... was arguing ... with... his step father..... the... mother... a
to decide if baltimore city fire chief, james claak deserves a raise... as the city is struggling financiaaly.megan gilliland is here with more on the fire sttrm it's creating. p3&good morning guys,this week reported that two baltimore closing... because of budget fighters aren't seeing any raise at all. but now, mayoo stephanie rawlingssblake is offering chief clack a wo percent raisee.. and plans to extend his contract... ttrough 20-18. &p161-thousand a year. while... more for the success he's had on the job.some local fire fighters say the timinn is just wrong. (hoffman) "if we're all asked to take a hit and we have been, we just closed two falling at truck 10 in raise is way too much."rcent - much."in a staaement....chief clack says he's very honored chief... and is happy that the mayor has asked him to continue serving. coming up next haaf hour... what the fire fighters union is hoping he'll ask for... if he accepts the raise.i'm meean gilliland, fox45 morning news. baltimore's grand prix race is just 8 weeks away... but already... the new organizers of thh race s
on a temporary warrant charging him with first degree murder. >>> the baltimore city fire department is changing its social media guidelines. gigi barnett is in the news room with the details. >> reporter: the city fire department says it's taking a second look at its rules on social media. fire department leaders say they may change their rules on what comments firefighters can post on social media sites. the move coming after firefighters post information on websites like twitter. some firefighters say the new poll sis could speak their rights to speak their right. the city police force is working on its policy as well. >> some of the complaints posted on twitter include the city's decision to close three fire companies. >>> a victory for baltimore. wells fargo will pay millions of the city. baltimore sued wells fargo assuming sub prime lending practices. wells fargo agreed to pay $175 million to eight cities and states, including baltimore getting $7.5 million. the settlement also gives restitution to city redents. >>> the secret service is investigating a report that a police officer made th
. >> so far, health officials say five people have lost their lives in baltimore city. if you think it is hot -- >> it's 120 in here,. >> they're concerned about the next few days because of the expected 100 plus temperatures. there are all of the utility workers outside. >> we are concerned about this heat wave. had 18 days of 90 degrees or more and two days 100 degrees or more. this doctor of mercy hospital says the ers' starting to fill up with patients with heat- related illnesses so it's inherently vital. >> when you start to get confused and irrational, you may be in trouble. >> city health officials say that it is a silent killer. those with conditions like heart condition or as month can get intense heat exposure. nadia ramdas, wbal-tv 11 news. over half of these residents are in baltimore county. they are restoring power to 700,000 customers. wbal radio is saying once all power is restored, they will have 21 days to report on how they managed our restoration. they will evaluate if it was possible to handle this matter. thousands of aid workers have been brought in to help w
in baltimore city. a huge project and until we can come up with that cash we will have to live with these disruptions. they sent a pipe diver in the to identify a problem in southwest baltimore but the mayor says it is like sticking your finger in a leak. kerry cavanaugh, wbal tv 11 news. work,ker's continue to you are urged to avoid this area. >> find their way, take the metro, take the light rail from the north, -- >> and here is a closer look at the streets you do not want to be near tomorrow. the department of transportation tell us we are -- where st. paul is closed from lombard street. with the exception of the far left turn rlane, orders will be directed to turn left. stick with 11 news for continuing coverage on the impact of this water main break. we hall of the latest the taurus with traffic beginning at 5:00 a.m. -- detours with traffic beginning at 5:00 a.m. and local lawmaker is taking steps to balance the power of city government. he introduced four bills tonight including charter amendments that would pare the number of members down and shrink the votes needed to
. >> a local government overhaul to shake things up in baltimore city government. bill henry introduced four bills which would cut the council down to nine and allow the council to add money to the council if it does not approve the mayor's spending plan. >> baltimore city has a strong system of government. sometimes the council cannot do what people think the council should be able to do. >> >> the federal aviation administration will resume its investigation into a small plane crash in montgomery county. one person is dead. the crash happened just before 7:30 on monday night at davis airport in laytonsville. the plane rolled over and went down just after takeoff. now an update. one man is dead and two other people are recovering after a triple shooting. this happened on a monday morning. investigators said two men forced their way into a home. three people were shot. a woman survived and is reported in good condition. >> a milestone announcement. the fda has approved a drug intended to prevent the virus that causes aids. it can be used as a preventive drug for people at risk. >> 5:37. 74 d
. >> reporter: most of the deaths have have been in baltimore city. older men, with heart problems. but no one is immune. >> people may lose sight of the fact that it continues to be a real hazard. >> we want to avoid any deaths at all. and if people stay cool and hydrated, we can avoid those negative outcomes. >> heat is a big problem. try to take the dog out. and the pavement gets really hot. try to keep really short walks. >> reporter: some are enjoying being outside in the hazy sunshine. >> to me, laying out in the sun is ther putic. and -- therapeutic and clears my mind and thoughts. when you can't afford tanning, you improvise. >> i saw the temperature tomorrow. and i thought, how far away can i get if i start driving now? [ laughter ] >> reporter: and the state has activated its emergency heat plan. right now, there is an emergency meeting of the city council to discuss the response to this heat wave. reporting live in hampden, mike hellgren, week eyewitness news. >> mike -- wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. bge and thousands of out-of- town crews continue to work to get people b
are out, 20,000 baltimore county, 61,000 customers in baltimore city, are still without power in this heat. 20,000 prince georges county remain without power all told, across the state, service is out to nearly 211,000 bge customers. well, wjz is live. adam may from baltimore county with more how people are coping there it is tough adam. >> reporter: it is. termers are running short --temperers are running short. this is indicative of the scene right off boll loan that and charles you can see this huge pine tree landed on top of those wires and cut off power to this neighbourhood. >> across baltimore county the sound of generators, and chain saw, echo threw neighbourhoods. >> everywhere we have been all the same branches down trees down. trees on houses, trees on cars. >> reporter: jason has been working nonstop in the svelterring heat since saturday morning. >> this is like a hurricane, really bad. >> this was a wild and furious storm. >> reporter: her yard looks like a bomb went off losing a few trees more than 150 feet high. >> oh, my god i couldn't believe it. this one took out that on
over the raise for the baltimore city fire chief. the board of estimates approved a new contract that i want cludz a raise -- that includes a raise of 18% by 2018. the raise caused an uproar in the union. today the chief said if firefighters do not get their raise he will donate his to the city department's fire foundation. >>> a surprise sentencing for a woman in federal court this morning. the feds say she injected a potentially dangerous form of silicone into the butt of several clients. mike hellgren is live. >> reporter: good afternoon. kim ber berly it -- kimberly smedly faces a lot of jail time. the key witness turned on the prosecution. >> one of kimberly's supports told reporters to go home as she left the courthouse for what was supposed to be a quick sentencing hearing. she pleaded guilty earlier this year for her role in what federal prosecutors say was an operation injecting the butt of women with central grade silicone. >> you can't inject it into somebody's body. >> the sentencing went array when prosecutors called her exboyfriend to testify for them. they already secure
are working to determine what sparked two separate night fires in baltimore city. the latest happen at the 4600 block of liberty heights ave. fire shot through the roof of the old ambassador movie theater. about an hour earlier, crews responded to the 400 block of robert street in north baltimore. there, crews found heavy fire in two-story row houses. president obama kicks off a bus tour through a key swing states as he swings into full campaign mode after the july 4 holiday t. hallie jackson has our commitment 2012 report. >> president obama will head to ohio today and pennsylvania tomorrow. don't expect it romney's camp to let the democrats still the spotlight. mitt romney greeted voters on independence day in new hampshire. he is there on vacation with his family. but his supporters will be on the campaign trail this week. president obama gets ready to leave the d.c. and head out. >> this is barack obama's first bus tour of the 2012 campaign. >> he will defend his economic policies and bailout of automakers. the president will push the same message on the road as he is pushing on
big problems for bge...right now... mooe than 65-thousand people are without power in baltimore county...baltimore city still has more than &p50-thousand people in the dark......and anne arundel county still has more than 30-thousand people who need electricity. meanwhile, governor martin o'malley is pushing for more ppogrrss. utility companies predict that 90-percent of homes will have power by friday.... and the governor's says that's not good enough. he gave reporters n update on the emergency response his afternoon. "iq: soo no i'm not satisfied... oq: without the three or four ays of hurricane wwrning." 3 that brings us to our question of the day.are you satisfied with the emergency response to the ssvere thunderstorms? a lot of unhappy people sounning off on our facebook page toniiht .... you can dot com slash foxbaltimore. meanwhill, area hotels areonce again packed tonight...with folks seeking refuge. refuge. and hotels thatare "pet friendly"...areextremely popular.the lowes annapolis hotel has been cateringto local wellas their pets. and the guests are grateful. (leude
by vitac -- the code red heat alert extended through the weekend in baltimore city and nearly the entire state will be facing triple digit temperatures. the heat wave claimed a 9th death. >>> what does it feel like to go one week in 100-degree temperatures. these folks in oak hill can tell you. >>> the parents of a boy who drowned 6 years ago are talking about their son and the laws they hope will prevent any future tragedy. >>> well the code red heat alert has been extended through sunday. it was extremely hot. we want to show you a live look at the harbor. steamy. if you be
? the baltimore city fire department wants new guidelines on what they can post on social media. wjz is live downtown. mike hellgren takes us behind the controversy. mike? >> reporter: mary, the department says this is not about silencing its critics. and wjz has learned union leaders will meet with department officials early next week to hash it all out. >> reporter: the latest heated battle in baltimore's fire department is over twitter. and what firetbieters can and can't post on -- firefighters can and can't post on twitter. it includes controversy over the chief's pay raise when fire companies are closing. one tweet read, save yourself. there are no medics. but you can call the mayor on her video phone. another questions how can the chief and mayor spat in your face. they say the new guidelines are notsz to re -- not to repress free speech. >> simply to establish concise guidelines and boundaries for which our members can communicate concerns. but it must be done, you know, decently and orderly. >> reporter: still, the firefighters union is troubled enough that they're meeting with lawy
-involved shooting in northwest baltimore. wjz is live at city police headquarters downtown. monique griego has the latest on what happened. monique? >> reporter: and police say it started with a foot chase. but then the suspect reached into his pocket for a weapon. >> reporter: just before 6:00 this morning, police units swarmed this neighborhood in the 5100 block of arbutus avenue. after a 22-year-old man is shot and killed by a baltimore city police officer. investigators say the incident actually started a few blocks away, at this 7 eleven on belvedere avenue in reisterstown road. after someone called police and reported a man with a gun. >> saw someone matching the description. and it was a foot chase. >> reporter: one neighbor told us she ran into the house, after seeing the suspect flee from police. >> i saw this guy run from the alley, up to this street. then i saw the police car coming. >> reporter: when police finally caught up with the suspect, they say he reached into his pocket for what was later determined to be a semi automatic weapon. >>> at this point, the officer fired his wea
zero in new york city. that is a total of 641 miles. we caught up with them in baltimore today, as they ran through our city. the run will raise money for the wiewrnded warrior project that helps-- wounded warrior project that helps raise money for injured servicemen. >> good luck to them. >> semper fi. >>> still ahead. missing from capitol hill. what is keeping congressman jesse jackson, jr., from work. and what his father is saying today. >>> fierce flooding and rain fills up texas and one roadside rescue. >>> i remember wanting to get there. >> the victim turns into the rescuer. how an injured surgeon's quick thinking helped save a paramedic's life. >>> it is a mild summer afternoon. but could the heat be getting cranked back up? well, tim hinted at it. stay with us. your updated first warning weather forecast is coming up. ,,,, hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> it's partly cloudy. 85 degrees in central maryland right now. the complet
companies in the city closed today.. due too baltimore's budget deffcit.but one of the companies that was supposed to close..... .. will be open a little bit longer. this is video oo truck 11 atta fireeon roberts treet in west baltimore last wednesday night. the president of the firrfiggters unioo says truck 10 will not closs until october. the heat wave smothering maryland seems to have broken......but not before a dramatic increase in the &pnumber of people who died fro heat-relattd problees. problems.state health pfficials now say 18 people have died from heat related causes...8 deaths were monday.2 of the victims wwre from other all of last year, 34 people died from the heat. anddinvestigatorr believe &pheat may have contributed to saturday's drowning of three young boys on the easternnshore. shooe.the boys-- ages 12, 11 swimm according to family mmmbers.they were lass seen playing basketballlat theirr church in federalsburg. ttying o cool off from the reeord 102- degree heat. wideline louis, federalsburg: "it's like a rootine: go to the store; get something to d
means that landlords cannot evict tenants for owning pit bulls. >>> baltimore's city fire chief getting a raise. the city council approved a new 6 year contract. by the ended -- end of the deal his salary will be $28,000 higher than his current pay. three city fire companies just closed due to budget constraints. >>> ann arundel county police are forced to use a taser on a man running naked through the street. police found james frederick brown partly nude. police say he threatened officers resisted arrest and it took several officers and a taser ♪ ♪ >>> welcome back to "cbs this morning." the enchanting unusual broadway musical "once" took home eight tony awards last month, including best musical. >> oscar independent film in 1996. tells the story of an irish musician and immigrant drawn together by love of music. >> the show's gifted star, steve kazee and cristin milioti are here. >> great to have you here. full disclosure, anybody associated with this show i became obsessed after seeing it. this is a lot of people feel go in not knowing what to expect and walk out of
with the credit cards and phone. the suspect is on the loose. >>> and today is the last day for the baltimore city police commissioner fred bealefeld whois refiring after 30 years with the police force. he wants to spend more time with his family. he will officially retire tomorrow. we are out of time and now back to new york for good morning america. have a great day we will have another update in 30 minutes. ♪ baby, i like it we can move on the floor ♪ >>> what's not to like? the dream team, really. kerri walsh, misty may-treanor. never have they lost. we're going to meet them as they get set to continue another unbeaten roll to gold. you had a chance to speak to them today. they're remarkable women. >> i spoke to misty before they left. confident, not cocky. we'll see what happens. george is taking time off this week. all right. >>> an 11-year-old girl was getting blasted for her performance on the national anthem. ♪ in the dawn's early light >> oh. >> some people are even calling it the worst performance of the song ever. her parents are taking on her critics. this morning, the little 11
the total of heat related deaths to eight, three from baltimore city and the fourth from montgomery county. head to for a list of all the locations of cooling centers. >>> traffic alert to tell you ability, delays along york road, a water main bustled twice, but it's been fixed. we're talking about warren and shawon roads, one southbound lane will be closed until the road is completely repaired. that could impact your commute. we're out of time. we're going to send you back to new york for good morning medical care, we'll have another update coming up. [ cheers and applause ] >>> look at that. big soundcheck. what do we call them again? >> lovatics. >> demi lovato fans, swarming central park. we count down to the superstar. as good and inspirational as we have, taking center stage there. in just a bit, the summer concert series rolling merrily along, as we wish you all a very good morning. robin and george, taking time off. amy robach by my side. >>> the divorce battle between katie holmes and tom cruise is heating up. surprise, surprise. did katie take a cue from tom's two ol
. 69 in buoy. now a check of the time save traffic with loren cook. >> an accident in baltimore city, on north calvert, center street. if you are using the jfx, there is nothing to get in your way. that will be a different story on 895, the northbound lanes packed all the way to the steel bridge. here is the west side, wilkins avenue, no problems whatsoever. everything up to speed. >>> 4 year old is dead after drowning in a pool, the sheriff's office says jordan atkins wondered from his home. family members found him floating in a pool. at kips died at the hospital. investigators are investigating. >>> get ready to see changes downtown at the inter harbor. construction begins today. organizers are putting down the ceremonial first jersey barrier. prep work expected to last for about a month. we are more than a month away from the second running of the grand prix. weather and traffic back in half an hour. stay with us. >>> after all that work, so many years of early mornings, late nights, just coming up short. reigning gymnastics world champion jordyn wieber leaving the arena in tears
year. city officialssare decision, is just the start of a houuiig recovery in baltimore. but what wiil it really take for those peeking homes, to give the city a chance? joel d. smith is liie at a house now, that could be the template for reversing a long trenn of residents good morning joel d. 3 pf you are one of those people that hate shelling out a you're out of town... youunoo have some new options. options.there are two new companies online that give pet owners cheaper options for vvcation vacay-dot-com and rover-dot- com operate pet owners with families who - are willing to open their homes uupfor your pet to spend a night or two or can also find someone willing to pet sit at your home while you're away. 3 the next american idol could be from right here in baltimore. baltimore.i had a hand in idol... we wwll reveaa who it is ... jjst ten minutes from no. now. ou're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3((break 5)) ((aa lib meteorologiss)) we are still giving away 250's our giant summer contest!we gave away today's gift card this mornin
police -- baltimore city police are looking into a deadly home invasion. three people shot. one man is dead, two others survive. police believe this is possibly drug related. so far there are no arrests. >>> if you dread waiting in line at the motor vehicle administration, maryland drivers under the age of 40 can renew online. in the future they will accommodate the vision test for drivers #40e -- 40 and older. stay with wjz 13. do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is. ♪ >>> welcome back to "cbs this morning." from where to live to how to spend your money there is a lot to know about being retired. >> executive editor ken budd of the magazine of "aarp" tells us the top five things everyone needs to know. welcome. >> good to be here. thanks for having me. >> so this is what you're telling us is what we need to know about being retired. >> exactly, right. >> so, what do we need to know
and will challenge anyone who says thht you need mor b odies on the street to make baltimore a safer city no you need to adjust your game plan ;29 ;29 mayor stephanie rawlings lakk's officc issued a statement....sayiig her office will thoroughly review the recommendations. a funeral home in south carolina is selling more ttan just coffins and uuns. urns.people mourning the loss to uy coffee and food... fromm a "starbucks" store recently puilt áinsidee the uneral home.the owner says he thinks &pit will hhlp soothe the pain of losing loved ooe. "if this provides them a little escape nd givee them a break from the sttess they're going through, then that's what it's all about. it's to mmke them feel better." (nats) (natssthis is the town's first-ever 3 because it isn't a full-sizzd store... starbucks signs cannot be displayed outside of his building. mcdonalddss"special sauce" is nnt so secret anymorr... after spilled the beans on youtubee youtube.:44-:51 "here i have garllc powder, onion powddr, and he paprika..the paprika giies it a ittle flavor, but it also helps to enhance t
will take three tte meantimm... the city was able to create a temporary above- ground pipeline to restore water service to nearby businesses. baltimore county police are investigating a deadly car accident this morning. happened just after 5 'clock in phoenix... on old ooe person died on the scene.. another was taken to the person's condition... or the cause of the crash right now. the government is investigating ford and mazda vehicles....after getting nearly 1-hundred reports of stuck gas pedals. pedals. the national highway traffic safety administration says there's been at least one death suspected from this defect and nearly two dozen accidents.n-h-t-s-a says more than 700-thousand vehicles may be impacted.the two models involved are the 2001 through 2004 ford escape and mazda tribute with v-6 engines. the food and drug administration has officially banned using b-p-a in certain baby produccs. products.b-p-a is a chemical used in many products... including cans and clear plastic bottles.f-d-a regulations now prohibit the use of b-p-a in making baby bottles, sip
. it is a drop in the bucket. penn state brings in $200 million a year from alumni. >> city police officers are investigating a late-night homicide in west baltimore. we brought this to you last night as breaking news at 11:00. the victim has not been identified. we are getting word of another shooting just around 10:00 p.m. city police officers responded to a call of shots fired at east preston street, where they found a 27-year-old male victim suffering a gunshot went to the light sentencing is scheduled for a man convicted in his role in a murder for hire plot. he faces a life sentence without the possibility of parole his co-defendant, shot a hickman, testified that she paid him a2 kill albert ro. she was afraid that he would find out she was stealing money from the business. >> i still think there is a threat of severe weather route in baltimore this afternoon. nothing going on right now. we have a few sprinkles near dc and annapolis. strong thunderstorms south of frostburg and maryland. it tornado warning was issued for grant county in west virginia. this will travel to adjust to the
and that is 91 in the city, quantico, 95; baltimore,fully and this is how it looks for the evening and that is cooling down more tonight than last night and there is less humidity overnight and that will make it feel more comfortable and bow tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, the humidity surges in and just enjoy this break from the real humidity. and, again, know that it's around the corner and coming back. laura? >> all right, gary mcgrady, thank you. >>> coming up, firefighters in colorado gaining ground after a wildfire burns hundreds of homes. when residents can survey the damage. >>> and help is called into virginia. a massive wildfire continues to burn in shen anota national park.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more and more for cable -- and enjoying it less? upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for a year with no annual contract. or choose a two-year contract and get $200 back and a two-year price guarantee. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers america's fastest, most consisten
on this is actually going to be on cold spring in the city and the crash in baltimore county right in pikesville is going to be on millford mill and deerfield road. expect a lot of congestion on outer loop from liberty road towards root 40 and this is what it looks like in overl-ea at bel air road. outer loop nice and slow as you make the push up towards loch raven boulevard. that's the amount bc2 timesaver traffic. >>> investigators are looking into what caused a plane to crash in montgomery county killing one person. it went down near the davis airport last night. the pilot died at the scene and the other person on board was flown to shock trauma currently listed in critical condition. >>> bge will charge some you who lost power. bill stablation adjustment allows them to charge customers whether they had power or not for the first 24 hour period of the outage. if you went without power longer than day you won't be charged. on facebook this morning we are asking you about a new york shop now having dress codes for the customers. they say no sunglasses, no hats, and no hoodies. what do you think
to our search to provide baltimore the next police commissioner that will take us to the next level. >> i will continue to serve the mayor and this great city. >> reporter: the tenure ends august 1st. high-ranking source says parks dill is a leading candidate. >> mayors office had no direct comment. >> they hope to conclude the search within the next few weeks. there is more to come on eyewitness news. run faster, hundreds test their courage during an iconic festival in spain. >> marylanders try to stay cool in the midst of an intense heat wave. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. >>> it is going to be another hot day. not as scorching as it has been. this is a 12 day stretch of hot days with temperatures at or above 90 degrees. we'll be seeing a transition. we have temperatures in the 80s. why would anybody need to get on a cruise ship to go to warmer temperatures? >> i would look to go to alaska. >> temperatures here are as warm as anywhere. we are warmer here than in florida and south beach. 85 our temperature. we are looki
month, voters approved cutting city workers pensions. baltimore may sell ad space on the side of its fire trucks. back here in scranton, the unions are hoping the judge holds the mayor in contempt of court and starts imposing fines and penalties if he doesn't pay the full wages. it's money the mayor insists he simply did not have. so the standoff continues. the next payday is next friday the 20th. savannah. >> ron allen in scranton for us. it is now 7:14 and here is matt. >> savannah, thank you. it was one of the worst passenger ships wrecks in history. it killed 32 people. the infamous captain is explain his actions in his first interview since the crash. nbc's michelle kosinski has details on this this morning. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt. you may have noticed the ship is still here. salvagers have been working carefully to eventually tow it away. the captain, remember him, just released from house arrest. he spoke last night to italy's channel 5 tv and apologized. and he said when the wreck happened, just as with so many car crashes, that he was distracted on the
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. an accident in southwest baltimore. it's on west a taps hello, avenue. using the jfx into the city no delays. that will not be the case on 695 it's going to be packed in the west side from liberty road towards interstate 70 and here's parkville at harford outer loop jam upped towards 83. >>> good morning happy friday. police in carroll county are searching for clues in a double shooting that left a person dead. this happened around midnight at the harvest inn on liberty road. second victim was flown to shock trauma. there is no word on a motive or suspects. >>> meantime, one person is dead after a police involved shooting in baltimore county. members of the county tactical team were serving a want on a home on high meadow court in reisterstown before midnight. the person they say attacked him with a weapon and the officer shot and killed the suspect and an investigation continues this morning. >>> we are out of time. now back to new york and we will have another update in a bit. 3q there she is ! hey, i got a leak ! yoo hoo ! wait a minute, come back ! um, miss ? up here! right. like 85% of
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